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Erik’s May Favorites – Special Father’s Day Edition

May 30, 2024

On Becoming a Dad

Becoming a dad changes everything, but becoming a girl dad takes it to a whole new level. My daughter has taught me patience, the importance of being present, and how to cherish every moment. This journey wouldn’t be possible without my incredible wife, whose strength and grace inspire me daily. Her ability to balance everything has taught me invaluable lessons about leadership and teamwork, both at home and at Hawke Media.

This Father’s Day, I want to celebrate the amazing dads out there and the women who make it all possible. Thank you to my wife for being my rock and to my daughter for showing me the true meaning of love and joy. Now, let’s dive into some of my favorite picks for Father’s Day. These products are not just things I love, but ones I believe will bring a smile to any dad’s face.

Petite Plume – Sleepwear (Father’s Day Collection)

Petite Plume creates classic sleepwear with ultra-fine fabrics and nostalgic designs. Their Father’s Day collection features buttery soft pajamas and matching family sets, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary luxury.

Why it’s my favorite: Nothing says “Dad, you deserve the best” like a set of buttery soft pajamas. Petite Plume takes sleepwear to the next level with their ultra-fine fabrics and classic, nostalgic designs. Their attention to detail and commitment to comfort make these PJs a perfect gift for Father’s Day. Plus, they offer family-matching sets, so everyone can join in on the cozy moments!

Pioneer – Travel Accessories

Pioneer Carry designs minimalist wallets and travel accessories made from ultra-durable, slim fabrics. Their products include cardholders, billfolds, and backpacks, all designed to fit seamlessly into a busy traveler’s lifestyle.

Why it’s my favorite: For the dads who are always on the move, Pioneer’s travel accessories are a game-changer. These wallets and cardholders are made from ultra-durable fabrics that outlast leather and are designed to be as slim as possible. I love the minimalist design and the fact that they offer RFID protection. It’s sleek, functional, and perfect for the modern dad.

MunchPak – Snacks from All Over the World

MunchPak curates and delivers a variety of snacks from around the globe straight to your door. Their subscription boxes offer a diverse range of flavors, from familiar favorites to adventurous new treats.

Why it’s my favorite: Who doesn’t love snacks? MunchPak curates the best treats from around the globe and delivers them straight to your door. It’s a fun and adventurous way to discover new flavors and indulge in familiar favorites. Perfect for the dad who loves to munch on unique snacks while watching his favorite sports or movies.

Dedcool – Room and Linen Spray

Dedcool offers modern, non-toxic room and linen sprays that elevate everyday scents. Their products are vegan, biodegradable, and designed to bring a fresh, inviting aroma to any space.

Why it’s my favorite: Dedcool’s Room and Linen Spray is not your typical fragrance. It’s a modern take on scenting your space, blending high-quality, non-toxic ingredients with a fresh, clean scent. This is the perfect addition to any dad’s home, making it smell great and feel more inviting. Plus, it’s sustainable and eco-friendly, which is always a win.

Buck Mason – Men’s Clothing

Buck Mason crafts timeless, high-quality men’s clothing with a focus on durability and style. Their collection includes essentials like tees, jeans, and jackets that combine old-school craftsmanship with modern design.

Why it’s my favorite: Buck Mason embodies the spirit of classic American style with a modern twist. Their clothing is made to last and looks effortlessly cool. From tees to jeans, everything they make is top-notch in quality and design. It’s the kind of stuff every dad needs in his wardrobe – timeless, durable, and incredibly stylish.

Sidecar Doughnuts

Sidecar Doughnuts creates the freshest doughnuts made from scratch daily using the finest ingredients. Their doughnuts are known for their innovative flavors and perfect pairing with coffee.

Why it’s my favorite: Sidecar Doughnuts are hands down the freshest and most delicious doughnuts you’ll ever taste. They make everything from scratch daily using the finest ingredients, ensuring each bite is a piece of heaven. Perfect for a Father’s Day breakfast treat or any day you want to make a little sweeter.

Manscaped – Men’s Grooming

Manscaped revolutionizes men’s grooming with their specialized products for below-the-waist care. Their innovative tools, like the Lawn Mower trimmer, offer precision, safety, and confidence.

Why it’s my favorite: Manscaped has revolutionized men’s grooming with their innovative products designed specifically for below-the-waist care. The Lawn Mower trimmer is a must-have for every man. It’s all about confidence and comfort, and Manscaped delivers both. Great for the dad who likes to stay sharp and well-groomed.

Levi’s Denim

Levi’s is a global leader in denim, known for their durable, stylish jeans. Since 1873, Levi’s has been synonymous with quality craftsmanship and timeless style, making them a staple in any wardrobe.

Why it’s my favorite: Levi’s jeans are iconic for a reason. They’ve been a staple in fashion for over a century, offering durability, comfort, and style. Every dad needs a good pair of Levi’s in his closet. They’re perfect for any occasion and built to last, making them a fantastic Father’s Day gift.

WHOOP Athletic Bands

WHOOP bands are advanced fitness trackers that monitor sleep, strain, and recovery. They provide detailed insights into your body’s performance, helping you optimize your health and fitness.

Why it’s my favorite: WHOOP bands are the ultimate tool for health and fitness tracking. They provide incredible insights into your body’s performance, sleep, and recovery. For the dad who’s into fitness or looking to optimize his health, this is the perfect gadget. It’s not just about tracking steps; it’s about understanding your body on a deeper level.

Onnit Supplements

Onnit offers a range of supplements aimed at total human optimization. Their products support physical, mental, and emotional well-being, helping individuals achieve their fullest potential.

Why it’s my favorite: Onnit supplements are all about total human optimization. They offer a range of products designed to enhance physical, mental, and emotional well-being. From their Alpha BRAIN nootropic to the Total Human packs, they provide everything a dad needs to be at his best. It’s about optimizing every aspect of your life, and Onnit helps you get there.

Dandelion Chocolate – Hot Chocolate

Dandelion Chocolate produces premium hot chocolate made from ethically sourced cocoa beans and organic sugar. Their bean-to-bar process ensures rich, authentic flavors.

Why it’s my favorite: Dandelion Chocolate’s hot chocolate is pure indulgence. Made from ethically sourced cocoa beans and organic sugar, it’s rich, decadent, and perfect for those cozy moments. For the dad who loves a good cup of hot chocolate, this is a must-have. It’s simple, pure, and absolutely delicious.

These are just a few of my top picks for Father’s Day. Whether you’re looking for something stylish, delicious, or practical, these brands have you covered. Treat the dads in your life to something special this year!